Privacy Report for ClassDojo

ClassDojo can be accessed through its website, and is available for download at the 

  • iOS App Store,
  • the Google Play Store, 
  • Amazon Appstore.

The Privacy Policy and Terms of Use used for this evaluation can be found on ClassDojo’s website, iOS App Store, the Google Play Store, and Amazon Appstore. Additionally, other policies used for this evaluation include: Data Transparency, Security Vulnerability Disclosure Program, and Cookie Policy. This evaluation only considers policies that have been made publicly available prior to an individual using the application or service.

ClassDojo focuses on safety concerns from a student perspective by stating that currently, they do not allow minors to post content to share publicly, and that no student’s account, profile, or Student Story is made available or visible to the public through ClassDojo. The policy indicates that teachers can choose to never project or display their own teacher account in class, and therefore keep student feedback points and Student Stories private for each student, their teacher(s), and their parents. However, as a teacher, school leader, or parent, the user's name and profile photo may be displayed to the person with whom the user is messaging. The policy explains that the Class Story and School Story are visible by students, teachers, parents and school leaders who have logged into their accounts and are associated with that particular class or school, but that they are not viewable by the general public. Also, for user-created content, ClassDojo's policy states that parents, teachers and school leaders can add content or comments to these stories, but students can only view or like content on these stories and are only able to do this once either the school or ClassDojo has obtained parental consent, if under 13.


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