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Bring every family into your classroom

Bring every family into your classroom

ClassDojo is an educational app for teachers and students. It is mostly used from pre-kindergarten to eight grade school students and teachers and allows them to interact in various ways. It develops the communing skills of the students and allows their parents to receive information about the learning process of their kids. The app is free, so if you are already eager to use ClassDojo, download it straight from App Store or Google Play.

What is a Class Dojo

ClassDojo is basically a chat app for kids, teachers and parents. It is specifically designed in a way that allows users of all ages to quickly get familiar with it. It is also free to use for teachers and students and is available both as a web version or as a mobile app: you can either download ClassDojo for your smartphone or use ClassDojo online in your browser.

Main Features

In this ClassDojo review, we would definitely like to focus on the features of the app. Not only is it perfectly user-friendly, it also allows the class communications to be brought to another level. As we have stated above, the ClassDojo app is basically a messenger, but it has lots of specific features for studying. First of all, it allows the kids to share the most important moments with parents so that they won’t miss anything important. The second great feature of Class Dojo mobile app is that the students are able to create their digital portfolios, where they can share their content with the parents as well.

In ClassDojo, parents can track the results of their kids and have chats with teachers. All you have to do is to download the free ClassDojo app and open the feed or the chat section. The only possible drawback of the ClassDojo is that sometimes teachers send too much content to parents, and the important pieces of information might be easily missed.

ClassDojo for Teachers

Teacher ClassDojo edition offers some unique features as well. Teachers use their special ClassDojo sign in feature to access a whole set of tools for configuring the classroom. After they login to Class Dojo, they can split students in groups, set timers, message with parents and even turn on the background music. The best thing is that it is the same free Class Dojo, and the teachers do not have to pay to use it.


To sum up, the app is a great tool for communication between students. It also helps parents to be more involved in the activity of their kids. The teachers also have a decent amount of features to improve their experience. Class Dojo app download is completely free for Android and iOS, and you can also use ClassDojo for free with your browser. The free online ClassDojo edition offers the same features as the mobile one but is a bit less comfortable to use when it comes to sharing files.


  • Is Classroom Dojo free for students and parents?
    ClassDojo parent edition and ClassDojo for students are absolutely free to download and use.
  • Can I download the ClassDojo app on the computer?
    No, but you can use the web version on PC, without having to download the app.
  • How to download Class Dojo?
    To use the platform you either have to download the ClassDojo app or use the Class Dojo parent login feature on their website.